Conlumino provides intelligence on all aspects of retailing and consumer behavior. We deliver our insights through off-shelf reports, consultancy projects, presentations, and a variety of subscription services, including our leading edge Intelligence Center platform.

Understanding our proposition is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


This covers the parts of retail that we research and analyze. Our aim is to provide comprehensive coverage of all areas of retail.


While we look at the retail sector as a whole we also take a more detailed look at specific segments and categories; this explains what we cover.


This deals with the way in which we deliver our research and the specific types of products and services that you can buy into.


Success in retail – whether as a retailer, an investor, a supplier, or an adviser – is dependent on having an excellent understanding of the sector and its current and future dynamics. Our research provides that knowledge and, in so doing, enables businesses to make better decisions and to generate superior growth.

To give you the complete picture, our analysis includes all aspects of what we call the ‘front end’ of retail. This means we examine shoppers, retailers, products, and channels. We also look at the wider social and cultural trends impacting on retail as well as how economic trends are affecting the sector.

This holistic approach allows you to either to focus in on the particular area or issue you’re interested in, or to gain a complete overview.


As well as looking at retail overall, we also focus on individual retail sectors. We currently cover: food and grocery, apparel, footwear, accessories, health and beauty and drug, electricals, homewares, furniture, home improvement, entertainment, hobby and leisure, and pets.

For each major sector we have a wealth of data and insight including market sizes, forecasts, consumer and shopper dynamics, retailer trading information, market shares, visual reports of retail concepts, and strategic analysis.

We also provide more limited coverage of the following sectors, usually on a bespoke basis: foodservice, entertainment services (movie theaters, etc.), automotive, consumer financial services, and travel.


Our research, analysis and insight can be accessed in a variety of different ways and formats.

  • To keep you up-to-date on retail news and with retailer performance we offer two email subscription services: one provides a daily summary of all of the day’s retail news; the other provides a more in-depth analysis of retailer’s results as and when they’re released.
  • Each year we publish a wide range of reports on different topics and retail sectors. These provide in-depth commentary and analysis and can be purchased off-shelf or as part of a subscription.
  • Our Intelligence Center is an online tool that provides access to all of our published work as well as a host of proprietary retail data, including market sizes and forecasts for over 50 countries. It can be purchased on a subscription basis.
  • We also offer bespoke consultancy services where we work with companies on an individual, confidential basis to provide insight and strategic advice.