Retail is a complex sector with many different factors affecting performance. We furnish our clients with analysis on all of the components to give them a holistic understanding of the dynamics of the sector. Ultimately, this allows them to make better business decisions.


Our aim is to provide comprehensive coverage of all areas of retail. The key areas we cover are shown in the diagram below.


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    Using our in-house consumer panels, we provide an in-depth understanding of shoppers and consumer dynamics. This includes recording what people buy, where they shop, and why. We also explore deeper issues such as purchase motivation, shopper segmentations, and consumer sentiment.
    We provide a deep understanding of retailers across all channels. Our analysis includes areas such as retailer market shares, store metrics, online metrics, review and assessment of company strategy, and forecasting future performance. We cover most retailers operating across the world.
    We provide detailed product information on a historic, current and forecasted basis. This includes: value of sales, volume of sales, inflation rates, and growth rates. We also explore and analyze the factors driving growth. Analysis and data can be provided for most categories and products.
    We provide a wealth of information around retail channels such as physical stores and online. Within this we have a more detailed analysis around types of physical location and the sub-channels of online (mobile, social media, etc.). Insight includes value of sales, future forecasts, omnichannel strategies, and key trends.
    In addition to looking at specific components of the retail market, we also look at the general trends affecting the sector. This includes areas like demographic change, cultural and social shifts, international influences, and the role of technology. IN each case, we explore how the trend is affecting retail and what it means for retailers.
    Economics is one of the key drivers of retail sales and consumer sentiment. We provide detailed analysis on specific macroeconomic indicators such as income, unemployment, GDP growth, savings, interest rates, inflation, and many more. Our analysis is always from the perspective of how these things impact retail.